2019 was a great year. Increased income allowed us to extend Equine Assisted Therapy services and programs to twenty-seven veterans and their families. The year closed with a donation of $3600 from the Christmas Eve Service at nearby Pequea Church (church band pictured below).

The new year begins with reflection on 2019 and program plans for 2020 and onward. Administrative work includes focused inventory of accomplishments and clarification of our map (mission action plan) for stepping into the future.

We are humbled, inspired and encouraged by those walking alongside us and partnering in our efforts to achieve the mission of Building Bridges Foundation. “Our Mission is to provide a safe space for personal growth through equine assisted activities for veterans and their families, as well as those suffering from trauma and loss, and those struggling with cognitive and emotional challenges.”

An amazing measure of participation through philanthropic and generous financial giving, and sacrificial giving through volunteer service has facilitated strategic advance to “build up,” plan for and step into the future of this “center of caring” for Veterans and their families.

–Ann Marie Shaw, Executive Director of Development
Building Bridges Foundation at Anderson Farm