Make Your Day Great Project – Horse Feeding

If you live in the neighborhood and enjoy the farm environment you may want to volunteer to be a horse feeder one or two evenings a week. This service is managed by our Farm Operations Staff, a schedule calendar is posted in the feed room. Orientation to the task will prepare you in advance of actual start up

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Barn 2nd Level Loft and Apartment Renovations Projects

In 2018 the apartment was upgraded. Old insulation, wiring and lighting was removed and replaced and new lighting installed; fresh drywall, new flooring, new laundry space and appliances and new kitchen appliances and cupboards were installed. In 2020 an additional room was added.

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New Veterans’ Office Project

The gazebo that served as a hospitality, picnic area for many years was in need of some major repair; and the need for a space to serve as a private, convenient Veterans’ Office is being cared for by recreating the Gazebo to accommodate climate-controlled office space for Providers and Participants of our Equine Assisted Therapy Program.

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2020 Veterans’ Café Project

The reconstruction of a stall and the Veterans’ Office has been a work in progress for several months. COVID-19 has played havoc with completion and the scheduling of an opening day.

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