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Vets Cafe

2022 Memorial Day program


Vets Cafe

June 3


Vets Cafe

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Building Bridges Foundation At Anderson Farm Mission Statement

To provide a safe space for personal growth through equine assisted activities for veterans and their families, as well as those suffering from trauma and loss, and those who are struggling with cognitive and emotional challenges.

Building Bridges Foundation
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Dave Anderson, Founder
Dale Shaw, CEO


Their kindness and patience revealed amazing commitment…volunteering their time to help Veterans, Active Duty, and First Responders—all because they CARE….I know this will sound cliché, but they helped me save my marriage, helped me accept myself and in many ways saved my life. God Bless everyone there.
Jullan, Summer 2020


At Building Bridges I feel at peace and safe and very welcomed and cared about; there are no note pads recording my thoughts or computers being typed on holding me accountable in the future for anything I might say. This is healing.
Kristy, Summer 2020

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