About Building Bridges Foundation

Dave Anderson


Faithful in his military Service: serving gave him an understanding of the sacrifices of military service personnel and their families. He is committed to Fulfilling the Promise the United States of America made to all that served. The promise to care for veterans and their families. He is inspired by the memory of his brother, a military service Veteran that returned home, was unable to recover from traumas of combat, and ended his life. Two very prominent organizations that specialize in equine-assisted therapy are Eagala and Path Intl. These organizations have been developing and supporting equine assisted therapy for over 40 years. Click here to read information pulled from their websites to help people better understand “why horses.”

Equine-Assisted Therapy

Specializes in helping Military Veterans and their Families

We take pride in helping Our Nation’s Veterans and their families find answers to the issues so many deal with daily. The horses have a very special energy and a strong sense of knowing how people feel. Deb Huber (Mental Health Specialist) and Don Landis (Equine Specialist) guide our Nation’s Heroes through moving and heartfelt sessions. The results have been overwhelming. Feel free to contact us and schedule a visit. 

Our Mission

Fulfilling The promise made to our veterans

We strive to provide a safe space for personal growth through equine-assisted activities for veterans and their families, those suffering from trauma and loss, and those who are struggling with cognitive and emotional challenges.

Client-Centered therapy

We believe it is the client/participant who can determine the kinds of changes they need in order to improve their life. Participants learn and practice cognitive, behavioral, and emotional regulation techniques that they can take back with them to their homes and career.

Hands-on Learning

Equine therapy is engaging and interactive, making it a preferable form of treatment for many when compared to traditional talk therapy. It facilitates in-the-moment problem-solving and behavioral modification, which creates long-lasting changes in just a few sessions. 

A Team Approach

The mental health professionals and Equine specialists trained in the EAGALA method work with the client guiding them through a therapeutic experience. These experts will speak for the horses during interactive exercises. 

Solution oriented

Horses are utilized as metaphors in real-life scenarios to help clients access, validate and experience the changes they want to make to cope with life changes. Click here to see a list of some of the ways we can help.

Non Profit 501(c)3

100% of your donation goes to the programs that help our veterans

Our programs are geared to helping Veterans achieve success. 

We are a community service, non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization. BBFAF accepts donations, both private and organizational, grants, and also conducts fundraising to fund our mission to heal veterans through free equine-assisted psychotherapy. Our mission is to reduce the risk of suicide and improve the lives of veterans.