Building Bridges Foundation

Logan and Elizabeth Ditzler and Catherine

Building Bridges Foundation’s growth is dependent upon its many volunteers.
Logan and Elizabeth Ditzler, Farm Operations Assistants, welcome volunteers to help them keep the barn, horse shelters, barn yards and pastures welcoming to guests and participants at all times.
If you can assist in any of the following ways please complete the volunteer form at the top of the volunteer project list on this site.

  • Able to Subscribe to Horse feeding morning and/or evening as scheduled.
  • Able to coordinate with supervisor and/or farm help to fill hay huts with round bales. Experienced bobcat driver is needed for round bale duty.
  • Able to handle horses appropriately and safely.
  • Able to muck, clean stalls as needed or when requested by supervisor. Maintain Horse shelters.
  • Able to Scrub and clean horse water tubs
  • Able to prepare stalls as needed for horse – hay, dump and fill water buckets as needed and make sure stalls have shavings covering the floors.
  • Able to provide assistance to keep the barn spaces neat and clean: alley swept or blown out, cobwebs swept down, Café kept clean, social spaces kept cleaned, feed room and bathroom kept clean including shelves wiped down, medical room kept clean and organized; be available to assist in set up and tear down when group activities and programs are held on the property.
  • Able to make sure water heaters are plugged in or unplugged depending on the weather.
  • Able to fix fences and gates and assist supervisors as needed on small barn projects. Pick up branches and other debris. Clear driveway of snow in winter and distribute salt when and where necessary. Gather trash and burn the burnable.
  • Able to monitor a farm tool inventory. Able to monitor small farm equipment.