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Building Bridges Foundation Visited by Fox 43 TV

Talking about Opening Up

So many Military Veterans struggle with reconnecting. At Building Bridges Foundation, the goal is to help our Veteran brothers and sisters recover from their experiences in a safe and relaxed atmosphere. Recently, a representative from the local FOX TV station visited and spoke with Larry, who shares his experience going through the equine-assisted therapy program available — at no cost to any Veteran — at Building Bridges Foundation. 

Click here to watch the video and read about this wonderful encounter.

Thank you, FOX 43 for sharing Larry’s story and inspiring other Military Veterans to participate in equine therapy.

Building Bridges Foundation at Anderson Farm is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, established in 2015 and based in Conestoga, PA, and is dedicated to Fulfilling the Promise made to our veterans by providing equine-assisted therapy.  Building Bridges Foundation works with government and health care providers to develop the best possible program for each individual need.

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