Building Bridges Foundation

Saturday November 9 2019 Gun Raffle Draw Winners

1 Paul Thomas
2 Ron Boehmer
3 Randy Charles
4 Gary Wallace
5 Jason Tudor
6 Ashley Leaman
7 Clayton Winter
8 Lee Wolf
9 James Gorman
10 Amy Chilton
11 Tracy Donnelly
12 John Welsh
13 Greg Behrens
14 Todd Hammer
15 Dave Macaruso
16 Bonnie Shetler
17 Mike Bright
18 Erik Peck
19 Lee Wolf
20 Douglas Mentlik
21 Mike Young
22 Wayne Moore
23 Randy Charles
24 Ed Wojciehowski
25 Bobby Hershy
26 Craig Stone
27 Danial Hoffer
28 Michal Rienhart
29 Bryan Bennett
30 Dustin Garber
31 Olivia Wentzel

450+ people gathered for a high impact Veterans Day program at the farm.

The 10 AM 90-minute program of remembrance and reflection was relevant and enlightening in the context of comprehending the sacrificial investment of life of our military service people and their families.

A BIG SHOUT OUT to a team of business men and several Sportsman’s Clubs who partnered with Building Bridges and orchestrated a fun and classy gun raffle that cleared $60,000 for Building Bridges ongoing Equine Assisted Therapy Program. The Winners of the gun raffle are as listed!

The founding mission at Building Bridges continues. In 2019 from March to November, the number of active Veteran connections grew from 3 to 21. There is no cost to the Veterans.

The property, program and horse service capacity is 45. State Licensed Mental Health Providers and Equine Specialists are contracted by Building Bridges on a current capacity basis. All fundraising efforts contribute to the $1500 – $1700 cost per participant.

As an arm of compassion in Lancaster County, our mission is: to provide a safe space for personal growth through equine assisted activities for Veterans and their families, those suffering from trauma and loss, and those who are struggling with cognitive and emotional challenges.