Building Bridges Foundation

Building Bridges Welcomes you to our annual Veterans Day Event

Saturday November 9, 2019 – 10 a.m. through 2:00 p.m.

2019 Program of Events

9:15 a.m. Parking @ SteelFab – 623 Baumgardner Rd for Bus Shuttle Service to the Farm
10 a.m. The house bell rings: The Remembrance Program Begins
Band: Stu Huggins, Mike Dickert, Braden Steele

  • Reveille: Bugler Dave Sherrid “to wake us up…to remind us of those who have served – in remembrance”
  • Invocation: Father Deogratia, St Joseph’s Parish Lancaster
  • National Anthem, led by Stu Huggins
  • Posting of the Colors: Boy Scouts Troop 393 “I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands: one Nation under God, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all.”
  • Welcome and Greetings: Dale Shaw, Building Bridges Foundation CEO
  • Memorial Bench Program: David Anderson, Veteran and Founder of Building Bridges Foundation. Benches donated in honor of Veteran friends and family and Purpose of the Day
  • “Reflections” Talk time host: Ann Marie Shaw, Exec Director of Development
    Impact of Family Historic Military Service: Mike Dickert
    Impact Reflections: Dan Fortier, Army Veteran
    Impact Reflections: John Dourte, Air Force Veteran
    Impact Reflections: Don Landis, Army Veteran
  • Thank you Lobbyists (for those who fight for our Freedoms): Mike and Michele Bowers “They Hover as a Cloud of Witnesses Above this Nation” (HWBeecher)
  • Tribute to Christopher Slutman (1976-2019), Laura Dill, Veteran: Remembering Fallen Soldiers and Presentation to Parents
  • Forever “The Minute of Silence” – to Remember: Dale Shaw
  • “They’re Still Heroes Today”, Stu Huggins on guitar
  • “In War There are no Unwounded Soldiers” (J Narosky): Colonel Douglas Etter, Veteran, 2 tours in Iraq; National Guard; Training Chaplain for Military Chaplains – Senior Chaplain for the state; Director of Public Relations Lebanon VA Campus
  • Jesus – Truth Older than the Ages – Whom Shall I Fear
    Proud to be An American
    , led by Rev Scott Munson, Pequea Community Church
  • Prayer: Rev Blake Diebler, Wesley UMC Quarryville
  • God Bless America

Vet 21 Salute Honor Guard

Dave Anderson, founder of Building Bridges Foundation

Remembering all who have given life to guard and sustain our Nation’s Freedoms
One Story representing a multitude

Marine Staff Sergeant Christopher Kenley Aldric Slutman was one of three Americans killed by a roadside bomb near Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan April 8th 2019. SSGT Robert A Hendricks, 25, of Locust Valley, New York; SSGT Benjamin S. Hines, 31, of York Pennsylvania; and SSGT Christopher Kenley Aldric Slutman 43, Marine Reserves Unit Harrisburg Pennsylvania, were assigned to the 25th Marine Regiment, 4th Marine Division GLTR8, War on Terrorism/Operation Freedom’s Sentinel.

Christopher’s parents, live in Lower Windsor Township in York County, Pennsylvania. Christopher’s Father is here today with us. (seated in front row). Just a few months ago this Dad and Mom unexpectedly opened the door to two U.S. Marines who told them their son Christopher was not coming home. He was killed in action.  He was due home in 10 days.

Christopher Slutman grew up in Maryland. He graduated from Frederick Douglas High School in Prince Georges County Maryland. He was an Eagle Scout. He played football, baseball and wrestled.  As a man, it was spoken of him that “He was a confident husband, Father, NYFD Fire Fighter and Marine who walked with pride. A friend Jonathan Clifford of Kentland Volunteer Fire Department said Christopher embodied true character and what it means to serve your fellow man and follow Americans.

Christopher Slutman, was honored with the Fire Chiefs Association Memorial Medal after saving a woman from a fire in July 2013. He and a colleague, Lt Gregory Macagnone, had to crawl on the floor, past flames, to reach the unconscious, women in a back bedroom. Slutman and Macagnone dragged the women out of the apartment into a public hallway, handing her over to EMS on a sixth-floor elevator so that she could be taken to a hospital, her life was saved.

“When he spoke, everyone listened”, but around the firehouse kitchen table, he was a fun-loving guy with a lot of experience as a firefighter. He is survived by his wife Shannon, and their three daughters, age 10, 8, and 4. Dad, Mom and four brothers and one sister. We express of love and concern to Christopher’s family.

As local news media reported, “Though this trying time, we will remember Christopher for the Son, Brother, father, husband, and friend that he was, the moral character he displayed daily, and the courage and conviction to serve his fellow Americans, both at home and abroad.”

We join thoughts, remembrance and prayers for Christopher’s firehouse brothers, his fellow Marines, his friends – but most of all, his family. May God extend his peace and comfort and safety in this difficult year.

We welcome Fletcher, Christopher’s Dad to the front of this gathering. Mary is participating in a Gold Star Mother’s event and could not be here:

Fletcher, thank you for your investment in your son Christopher. Our souls are hurting with you even in this time of remembrance…. but also, we celebrate the character that he was in the life time he was standing guard and defending us.

This coin is a simple token to ever remind you that growing Christopher was one of your greatest achievements. May you ever be blessed by fond memories of him and inspired by his courage.

We stand beside this family supporting their other children presently serving in the military and nonmilitary service.  SSGT Timothy Galen Henry Slutman US Army currently deployed in Germany. SSgt Peter Wesley Jared Slutman USMC deployed 4 times to Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria, currently stationed at Camp Lejeune NC.  Bruce Weaver US Army Reserves, Emmalee Zimmerman (sister) is an Ombudsman US Coast Guard and her husband Jacob Zimmerman soon to be a Chief with the US Coast Guard stationed in Texas.  And Bryan Douglas Edward Slutman Fire Fighter District of Colombia fire Department and a civilian contractor for the US Navy and his wife Captain Holly Yudisky US Navy station in TN.