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November 11, Veterans Day was originally called Armistice Day, commemorating the end of World War I.

In 1926, Congress officially recognized the date as the end of the “war to end all wars”. In 1938, it became an official holiday, to honor veterans of World War I.

But then World War 2 happened and the Korean War; and in 1954 congress amended the commemoration by changing the word armistice to veterans so the day would honor American Veterans of All Wars.

Pictured here is our Willow Street community bill board –it presents initial hopes / plans to present our annual Veterans Day Program on Saturday November 7, the Saturday prior to and in support of our National November 11 Veterans Day. 

Photos of the 2019 event can be viewed on our website click on archive of events; more than 500 people attended. In recent days, we made the decision we cannot (in light of the COVID-19 lingering ambiance) have an event gathering at the farm. 


Our Equine Assisted Therapy services are recognized as “essential services” and have continued through COVID-19 shut down.




Our Website and Facebook pages carry an updated message that the Annual Service to Honor Veterans – will be in video format and posted to Facebook and on our website at 10:30 a.m. Saturday, November 7.

The gun raffle draw for 30 winning tickets will be live streamed to both the website and Facebook at 12 noon announcing winners as each draw is made. We anticipate and look forward to the time we can again, welcome you to onsite events here at the farm.

About this time last year someone from our Raffle Team likely connected with you and sold or gifted you with a raffle draw ticket. This year the COVID-19 fall off is limiting the available 2020 public market places to sell the raffle tickets. This hinders our capacity to network with our community and social media friends.

We’re hoping you will lean into partnering with us again this year by requesting purchase of a raffle ticket online at;  For more information please call 717-368-3019.

We do need your help to achieve our $65,000.00 goal – on par with last year. All ticket sale proceeds and donations provided are used to fund Equine Assisted Therapy for Veterans and their families at no cost to the veterans. 

Team spirit waned a little this past week with the passing of Chief Bob Race. Our condolences to his wife Denise and his family. Bob was big in spirit. He participated with Building Bridges Foundation as an ongoing encourager to Executive Leadership and served as an active member of the Raffle Team pictured below.

A couple of days before his passing he came to the farm to turn in his sold raffle stubs and money for tickets he sold for our Nov 7, 2020 draw. In recent months he endured health restrictions without complaint — facing his own mortality with strength that comes from knowing he was in step with God. His hellos and goodbyes following his most recent surgery have been accompanied by word reminders of his hope and trust in God’s way for him and the significance of prayer.

A shout out welcome to Veterans to drop in to the café – Starting Thursday October 15 from 8 a.m. – noon you can enjoy coffee, donuts / some simple refreshments; find space to read the newspaper or a book, watch some TV, relax in the stillness of the property—

2020 Veterans’ Café Project

The reconstruction of a stall and the Veterans’ Office has been a work in progress for several months. COVID-19 has played havoc with completion and the scheduling of an official opening day—

Cabinets crafted and donated by Veteran partner Adrian Sica.

Frank (Navy Veteran) has the coffee and lunch stuff Inventory in place–

round tables and chairs inside or a bench outside — offer a stop and breath space with others or quiet space alone —


A games table sits ready in the café

Some Recent Volunteer Life on Building Bridges site looks like this –

Veteran Jim Bridge – ever ready to volunteer his electrical and plumbing skills with his wife Sonja cheering him on.

Dale Shaw (CEO); Veteran Jim Deisley renovating the Gazebo to be the Veterans Office.

Logan Ditzler, Director of Farm Operations;

Dana Howard, Farm Operations and Multi Task Volunteer, a retired Public Land & Tree Conservation Services Department Officer and equipment operator. Dana and his wife Kathy recently moved to Willow Street from the greater Chicago area and signed in to partner with us in maintaining a “cared for” property and progressive program.

Welcome new horse handler, Sarah Leed

Cheers to the volunteers that plant to the volunteers that weed the flower beds to the volunteers that watch over the 101 rose bushes that beautifully grace the yard.

Our youngest volunteer warrior Maddy Steinman can be found smiling the hours away wiping dust from the stable walls,

swiping down cobwebs, hoeing the day lilies, weeding the rose gardens, chasing Chief – the farm dog or talking to the horses. Pictured here at the Lampeter Fair is Danielle Oatman horse care and farm operations volunteer with her  2020 champion pigs.  Her dad, Veteran Dennis Oatman brings skills for mending fences, operating equipment cleaning up the hay huts befriending the horses or whatever else he sees needs doing at the farm.

Our Mission is to provide a safe space for personal growth through equine assisted activities for Veterans and their families, those suffering from trauma and loss, and those who are struggling with cognitive and emotional challenges.

Today, September 29, 2020 Building Bridges Foundation at Anderson Farms (501c3 Nonprofit Organization Donation EIN Number: 474645614) continues to advance the Mission of caring for Veterans and their families by “being all they can be” and “doing all they can do” in the present with an eye toward the future. 

Thank you for your help—

Every second of volunteer time is an investment of life in a life.

Increased trauma of COVID-19 days is on our doorstep.

If you “have enough” and can partner with us by making a donation we need you to do that. Every dollar counts.

If you are looking for a way to invest in community building, and can make Building Bridges Foundation Center of Caring for Veterans a choice for your charitable contributions, we would be glad to hear from you. There is a variety of ways those contributions can be made.

Information of your intent helps us plan more effectively. Your service ideas help us establish a 10-year vision matrix to guide our way in achieving our mission.  

Our MAP – (mission action plan-also referenced as our operational budget) is 80% directed to costs of professional equine therapy services that are offered for no costs to veterans and their families; 20% going to administration, marketing and community networking for events.

Building Bridges Foundation Office


Text (574)879-3232

Executive Director of Development.

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