Building Bridges Foundation

Today at Building Bridges Foundation, our foundational mission serves to determine our MAP (mission action plan) for now and the future:

—Recent renovation of barn space (a large stall and the adjoining former Veterans’ Office) to offer a Veterans’ Café is nearing completion and will be open to the public as COVID pandemic protocols permit.

—The gazebo that served as a hospitality, picnic area for many years was in need of some major repair; and the need for a space to serve as a private, convenient Veterans’ Office is being cared for by recreating the Gazebo to accommodate climate-controlled office space for Providers and Participants of our Equine Assisted Therapy Program.

As the need was established and approved, a multi skilled retired Veteran, Jim Deisley offered his time, skill and the donation of materials to complete the task. Along with volunteering himself, he volunteered his wife Elise and together they are championing this project.

Jim’s life review – noted below was followed by a post script that said …guess one hobby I forgot to mention is I like to build things….

Pictured here is the inside ceiling. Windows enclose the space and lighting on the outside will accommodate early evening sessions.

Jim is 56 years old. He will tell you he joined the military late (he was 26).
He enlisted in the US Air Force as a Crew Chief on F15E fighter bombers. He was Deployed for Operations Desert Shield / Storm / Calm and Operation Southern Watch.

For a time, he was a participant at Building Bridges and wanted and felt the need to “repay” for thetherapy he received. “I fell in love with the place, the horses offer a special feeling of tranquility; It is satisfying knowing I’m assisting other veterans that suffer with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder”.
Jim is retired from Millersville University’s Department of Applied Engineering Safety & Technology (Industrial Arts) where he was a Laboratory Technician for 18 years, and where he learned many of the trade specialties. He continues to enjoy time with the horses, and hunting and fishing in his spare time.
He is Married to Elise Deisley who is acting as his Advisor in Design. God has blessed them with 5 daughters.

Thank you, Jim and Elise, for your ongoing service to your country.