Building Bridges Foundation

Merry Christmas 

Building Bridges Farm at 230 Indian Hill Road, Conestoga PA 17516 is a place that says to Veterans and their Families— we have space for you, you are welcome here. This farm is a place of compassionate response, tough love and purpose driven networking, a place of achieving destiny. Its more than just 21 acres –– it’s a life solution. A place of escape “for the time”, a place of reprieve, a place of counsel, a place of prayer, a place of refreshing for body mind and soul, a place of recovery, 

The Mission of Building Bridges Farm is: To provide a safe space for personal growth through equine assisted activities for veterans and their families, as well as those suffering from trauma and loss, and those who are struggling with cognitive and emotional challenges. 

Our primary fund-raising efforts are for carrying out / advancing our Mission to provide Equine Assisted Therapy Activities for Veterans and their families: capacity of 45-50. 

Other Special Projects including capital or renovation projects, field / grazing pasture & grounds maintenance- environmental / conservation care to guard ongoing productivity; outdoor trash bin; storage shed; landscaping; computer software; horse bath area; equipment replacement is funded as special projects and designated donations. 

Early pioneers of this land knew that each individual in their family, every family in their travelling caravan, every neighbor within 20 miles would have to commit to helping each other establish their rehoming. 

In this season of “gift of giving” opportunities— 

In the spirit of faith, hope and community goodness, we ask you, if you can, please partner with us in saying Merry Christmas to a Military Service Veteran / family. Therapy sessions are offered (at no cost to Veterans) with Service Contracted State Licensed Mental Health Therapists and Equine Specialists. The cost per session being from $150 – $225 the ongoing mission advance at Building Bridges Farm asks you to commit to helping veterans and their families enter into a life recovery experience, as your gift to them. The first series of ten sessions establishes the pace of ongoing support sessions. There is no discharge—Only next steps into readiness and purposeful future. 

Veterans and families Needing Strength and Hope and Enhanced / Renewed Independence – Takes Money. 

No one is ashamed to simply ask you to donate in community with others to make it possible – considering the Nation’s per year spending on Candy $2.6 billion, Pets $70 billion, cut flowers $34 billion. At 2019, the Good Book is still the Good Book! 16 of 38 parables talk about money, 1/6 of the verses in the gospels are about money; giving is mentioned the most at 2,172 times…simply stated giving is a little bit about money and a lot about heart – sharing in love with others. 

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