Building Bridges Foundation

Letter to Volunteers

Dec 2, 2019

We need and welcome your volunteer help and partnership in working our property to facilitate our services, sustain farm operations and allow us to enlarge our care programs.
Every season brings its loveliness and grounds care needs.
The grounds have been created into garden spaces (flowers and trees and other perennial plantings AND a community herb garden), needing able and willing gardeners.
Benches donated in memory of military service friends and family that are set around the property need the hands of maintenance (minor repair) and placement in the gardens. (It’s ok to bring a book and rest awhile).

There are six thoroughbreds (former race horses) that partner with four State Credentialed Behavioral Health Therapists and Equine Assisted Therapists in offering recovery programs for Veterans and their families. The PA Commonwealth Certified Behavioral Health Providers that work with the Veteran participants are professional contract service personnel and paid accordingly. All services are no cost to the Veterans and their families. Administrative personnel at Building Bridges are volunteers. We have some seasonal contract service opportunities for those willing to work for $8-$10 an hour.

Some of the immediate ways Volunteers & Teams can participate include:
Garden Plantings: Perennials need dividing and replanting to keep twelve 15 square ft. flower beds and driveway gardens looking healthy and welcoming; flower bed weeding; grass mowing; gathering up wind-blown branches from the walking trail around the property; painting and/or wood staining is an ongoing maintenance project; All the tools needed are on site.
For more specific projects that are still in progress, please review the Volunteer Tab on this site.

Thank you sincerely to all who are actively participating in the work of Building Bridges Foundation – YOU are establishing a strong future and making a difference in the world today. It’s always a beautiful and busy season at the Farm!

If you are available and willing to give an hour of time (random or scheduled) please fill out the Volunteer Form under the Volunteer Tab or click the Button Below.