Building Bridges Foundation

Some great news! Bernie Marcus and Arthur Blank (Founders of Home Depot) are teaming up to
establish a new nationwide mental health network of 20 treatment sites across the U.S. to serve
military veterans, first responders and their families.

Though they are donating $20 million each – they expect it will take 200-300 million for the project.
Building Bridges Foundation at Anderson Farm honors this expression of compassionate response.
It is a given that the BBF Mission “stays the same”— on that premise, we are ready to dialogue about
benefits for the proposed network and Building Bridges Foundation, of Building Bridges Center of
Caring for Veterans being one of the 20 network locations.

The Building Bridges Foundation brand meets the Marcus/Blank criteria as an untraditional therapy
offered to Veterans and their families (for no cost to the Veteran) and is sustaining a strong five-year
track record of success.

We are hoping to connect with the Marcus / Blank team on site for a property tour and discussion of
the possibility and logistics of working together. If you or your connections can give us leads on how
to live connect with the Marcus / Blank team and influential advocates we need to hear from you.

You are receiving this news release because you have indicated your interest and support in ongoing
development. We have several primary projects on our development agenda that affirm the future.
We are asking you to forward this information 1) to individuals that will be encouraged by it 2) to
organizations that may have the capacities to utilize our services 3) to people that are passionate
about caring for our Veterans and their families and have the genius and willingness to advocate for

To view our Veterans Day Program Video (posted in place of our annual Veterans Day Event
(gathering of 500) that was cancelled because of COVID protocols) click here:

Dave Anderson 717-368-9815, The Founder of Building Bridges Foundation and Dale Shaw 574-849-
2814 the CEO of Building Bridges Foundation are ever ready to speak with you and / or meet with you
to talk about the best interests, current projects, of our ongoing work.