Dear Friends of Building Bridges Foundation,
Thank you for being a part of the November 2019 Extraordinary Give! The event was an amazing success for Lancaster County–registering as the most generous giving day per capita in the nation!

Thank you especially for your generosity to Building Bridges Foundation, a Center of Caring for veterans and their families.


Online contributions for Building Bridges Foundation (1) $43,346.50
+ Offline contributions (2) $20,000.00
= Total Donations Received (3) $63,346.50
+ Stretch pool award ($731,877 total available) (4) $4,482.93
+ Prizes awarded (5) $500.00
- Fees charged (6) $3,160.99
+ Fees covered by donors (7) $2,122.98
Total Impact Amount (8) *Net payment amount to Building Bridges Foundation $67,291.42
Percentage of Stretch Pool Earned 0.6125252%
  1. All donations Building Bridges received via ExtraGive online gifts on Nov. 22, 2019.
  2. “Offline contributions” are if a donor utilized the “Offline Gifts Form” and sent it to the Community Foundation prior to Nov. 11, 2019
  3. Total gross donations (online and offline)
  4. Total stretch pool of $731,877 available. Total donations to Building Bridges ($63,346.50) divided by the total amount of donations received via ExtraGive ($10,361,851) times total stretch pool available ($731,877) equals 0.6125252%
  5. Building Bridges received $500 in prize money for random giving opportunities (such as donating between 4 AM and 5 AM).
  6. Fees are assessed on total donations received:  $63,346 x 4.99%. Fees cover credit card and platform processing costs. As always, the Community Foundation does NOT KEEP ANY FEES for hosting this event. As has been the case every year, the fees charged for this event were more than covered by donors and the stretch pool.
  7. Fees that donors opted to cover when making a contribution.
  8. The Net Payment Amount was gladly received by Building Bridges Foundation on Jan. 27, 2020. The Nov. 22, 2019 stretch pool of $731,877 and prizes of $66,500 were provided by: Rodgers & Associates, The High Foundation, LNP/The Steinman Foundation, Armstrong World Industries Foundation, Giant Food Stores, Glenmede, Armstrong Flooring, Atlee Hall, BB&T, Benchmark Construction, Clipper Magazine/, The Hershey Company, Highmark, Lancaster County Solid Waste Management Authority, New Holland Agriculture/New Holland Construction, PNC, Rhoads Energy Corporation, Woodstream Corporation, an anonymous donor, and the Lanacaster County Community Foundation, as well as numerous community supporters during the Extraordinary Give event.

P.S. We are so thankful to and proud of Lancaster County people. Your generosity speaks of your compassion, your values and priorities, and your understanding of “each for the other” in community building and restoration. Cheers to you!

Ann Marie Shaw
Executive Director of Development
Building Bridges Foundation at Anderson Farm