Building Bridges Foundation

In 2018 the apartment was upgraded. Old insulation, wiring and lighting was removed and replaced and new lighting installed; fresh drywall, new flooring, new laundry space and appliances and new kitchen appliances and cupboards were installed. In 2020 an additional room was added.

The apartment serves as compensation to the Farm Operations Manager’s family.

Jim Blain and many Volunteer trades people participated in accomplishing the tasks of the project.

Summer temperatures reaching the 90’s did not stop Ed Rankin’s progress.

John Hart, Vietnam Veteran managed the project— including the pricing, purchase and even pick-up and delivery of materials. The “sparkling beauty” of the “new” kitchen cabinets reflect his diligent efficiency in restoring the old cabinets to newness!

In 2020 Ken and James completed a space renovation project in the loft that created storage space and opened the rest of the loft area for gathering space.