Building Bridges Foundation

In an era when the foundations of our nation and the world are shaken, we keep on caring and advancing in achieving Our Mission – to provide a safe space for personal growth through equine assisted activities for veterans and their families, as well as those suffering from trauma and loss, and those who are struggling with cognitive and emotional challenges.

We have stepped into 2022 with an operational budget of $400,000.00. Four major projects are in process 1) Replacing the barn wall and stairs at the east end of the barn that access the residence of our Farm Operations Family. 2) Repairs to the outdoor stairs that enter into the 2- bedroom apartment that has been used for Air B&B and is currently rented out to generate income. 3) Renovation of the 2nd floor of the barn (above the Cantina, a gathering space for 60 people) to allow for relocation of the boxing ring to connect with the fitness center and offers benches for some spectators. The current tool room will be relocated to the former boxing ring shed giving storage space adjacent to event gathering spaces such as the Veterans Café and the Cantina. We received a government grant of $34,000 to advance with this project; to complete the project we need another $34,000. 4) Preparations and planning are in process to initiate the construction of the Lisa Fisher Memorial Conference Center – This building will offer community gathering space as well as space for our annual events such as the November Veterans Day Event and Gun Raffle. The top floor of the two-floor structure will accommodate 500 people sitting down and will eliminate the $15,000.00 event rental cost of a tent that has been part of our event expense (more than 700 people attended our Nov 2021 Veterans Day) – 700 of them joined us for the noon meal.

We’re paying attention to the veterans and their families in this community in life changing ways through our Equine Assisted Therapy program at no cost to veterans and their families. We continue to reach out to you for investment of time and funds, as you are able.

Your generosity has made a life changing experience possible for more than 60 veterans and their families, —people with little hope of themselves ever returning to a place of wellness, in relating to their family, friends, vocational purpose, financial stability and personal identity.

For the wars that they have fought and continue to fight for us, for their life to guard us and our foundational values (As muralled in the Harrisburg PA Government Buildings)—We work to advance our mission.

Today more than 250,000 men and woman are engaged in standing on guard, fighting for and protecting the US and 34 other countries in the world along with 21,000 unspecified/ classified personnel in active military service. They have and continue to give sacrificially to grow and sustain our position of national strength and guardian protection of high standard education options, advance in medicine and technology, agricultural developments, success and genius in the performing arts, the capacity to mastermind construction of businesses, care services for the USA, the reclaiming of respect for the “family circle” and the truth factor of politics that liberates and empowers. We experience impact of that freedom abundance here in Lancaster County and globally because of their faithfulness.

For your proactive support in caring about that: for every dollar and every hour of time,

Thank you.


Best Regards Ann Marie Shaw
Executive Director of Development,


Your financial support toward Building Bridges Foundation at Anderson Farm is greatly appreciated.

Your contribution is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by the law.

Our MAP – (also referenced as our operational budget) is 80% directed to costs of professional equine therapy services that are offered for no costs to veterans and their families; 20% going to administration, marketing and community networking events, contract services beyond volunteer availability. Thank you for your help. As we grow our therapy participants number there is need for additional and new money. If you can make a 3-5-year commitment to making Building Bridges Center of Caring for Veterans a choice for your charitable contributions, we would be glad to talk with you about that and the variety of ways those contributions can be made. This kind of information helps us plan more effectively. Your service ideas help us continue to establish an ongoing 10-year vision document to guide our way in achieving our mission.

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Building Bridges Foundation at Anderson Farms
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